Saturday, 23 January 2016


A collaborative drawing by me together with Zeke Clough, for the upcoming vinyl and/or T-shirt design to the swedish D-beat band Dissober, from my hometown of Västerås, Sweden.


Sid Clark said...

That's a nice mess. You should send your art to Pork magazine in Portland, OR, USA. They're very punky and porky.

Have a good one, Krippa.

crippaXXXalmqvist said...

Thanx, Sid! And yeah, I do know Sean Äebergs' PORK mag, since he's also a member of the Eaten By Ducks-blog. I think he might even have reviewed Dollmatrix in one of the older issues. And he has already seen the above drawing on FB, to which he commented "Very nice!". Have a most good day you as well, Sir.