Monday, 26 April 2010


These 2 upsidedown heads are drawn by me together with Zeke S. Clough. The MOM SWIMS WOW are by me, Zeke & Marc Van Elburg. You'll find them printed both in our "die Gummipuppen..DIE!!!"-zine, as well as on the front- & backcover of the "Aaterförödelse"(=a wordplay of rebirth/devastation)-CD by swedish death metal/grindcore-band Obligatorisk Tortyr.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

SKULL DISCO - Soundboy's gravestone gets desecrated by vandals!

Another collaboration between me & Zeke S. Clough for Skull Disco. This time it was for their absolute last release, which became the 2-CD compilation "Soundboy's gravestone gets desecrated by vandals".

SKULL DISCO vol.10 Soundboy's suicide note!

A collaboration between me & Zeke S. Clough for the 12"-vinyl Skull Disco vol. 10, "Soundboy's suicide note".