Tuesday, 18 June 2013


after very much blood, sweat and tears..now finally Dollmatrix have been printed'n'released!
so, if you now wanna spend y'r hardearned ca$h purchasing a copy of this masterpiece in bizarre weirdness, then just drop me a message here, or write me an ordinary e-mail.
the price is 6,66 €uro + ca. 1,45 - 3,45 €uro in post'n'package depending where you live..

Friday, 3 May 2013


So yeah, as it already states above, it'll be a releaseparty here in Berlin for the "Dollmatrix"-comic next week! But what it doesn't say is that Dollmatrix is a comc i've drawn together with Zeke Clough(UK) + Marc van Elburg(NL), since around 2006. And this "Krill" is a li'l cool zine done by my very good friend Oska "Wald" Hassler of the punk/beat-band Chuckamuck, from Berlin! And last, but not least..this "Into the Fog" is the incredible strange comix by Markus Lesmeister, who lives in Germersheim in the south of Germany. This li'l zine will be the very first collection of his weird comix ever brought out in public!