Saturday, 27 November 2010


The first 15 panels...

 be continued.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Doll Matrix badges
These 1 inch badges/buttons you can purchase on Zeke's website..which you'll reach if you click "Doll Matrix badges" above.
I've made them for the exhib we had in Le Petit Mignon/Staalplaat between 27th of March-17th May.

Monday, 26 April 2010


These 2 upsidedown heads are drawn by me together with Zeke S. Clough. The MOM SWIMS WOW are by me, Zeke & Marc Van Elburg. You'll find them printed both in our "die Gummipuppen..DIE!!!"-zine, as well as on the front- & backcover of the "Aaterförödelse"(=a wordplay of rebirth/devastation)-CD by swedish death metal/grindcore-band Obligatorisk Tortyr.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

SKULL DISCO - Soundboy's gravestone gets desecrated by vandals!

Another collaboration between me & Zeke S. Clough for Skull Disco. This time it was for their absolute last release, which became the 2-CD compilation "Soundboy's gravestone gets desecrated by vandals".

SKULL DISCO vol.10 Soundboy's suicide note!

A collaboration between me & Zeke S. Clough for the 12"-vinyl Skull Disco vol. 10, "Soundboy's suicide note".

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


A flyer for the upcoming DOLLMATRIX exhibition here in Berlin next month. It'll be me together with Zeke S. Clough (UK) & Marc van Elburg (NL) presenting some of our comic action. Yay, RAWK'n'RÖWL!

Monday, 22 February 2010


Here's a slightly more coloured version of Marsupilami than the one you'll find in Pakito Bolino/Le Dernier Cri's Hopital Brut#9. HB9 is out since January 2010, but it's probably already sold out. Well, of course this drawing shows another collaboration between me & Zeke S. Clough. You can find a B/W version of it in our "die gummipuppen..DIE!!! Pung krock im Damenklo"-zine.

Saturday, 20 February 2010


A collaboration together with Zeke S. Clough, which we've decided to call "Pizza Corpse". This exquisite corpse was included in a special silkscreened pizza-box for the exhib called "Outsiders" in Breda(NL) in september 2007. There it was nicely silkscreen-printed with silver on black heavy carton, together with a 12" vinyl record. This ordinary B/W-version you'll also find in our "die Gummipuppen..DIE!!! Pungkrock im Damenklo"-zine...

Friday, 22 January 2010

LPM02 split 7"-vinyl!

Government Alpha / Evil Moisture anim 2
Government Alpha / Evil Moisture anim 1
Artist: Various Artists - Government Alpha, Evil Moisture
Title: Split
Label: Le Petit Mignon
Code#: LPM02
Format: solid pink 7" w/ colour labels, 45rpm, ltd. 300ex., hand-stamped and numbered, safety pinned silkscreened folding/cover
Retail Price in Eur: 10
Exclusively distributed by Staalplaat.
Purchase your copy here!
Or buy both LPM01 (A.Chessex/A.Rivière Split 7") and LPM02 (Government Alpha/Evil Moisture Split 7") for 17eur instead of 20eur here!
"Petrol drilling machine driver Yasutoshi Yoshida (aka Government Alpha) leaves his off-shore extraction platform on the Gabonese territory for 4'50min of furious steamroller for gap-toothed old ladies on the Bomb! side, wrecking on his way the last dwarf mongooses' community who survived the Bulgaro-Christian deforestation in 62 before Judas-Christ. Mr Clean's nephew Evil Moisture (aka Andy Bolus) fills up his bento box on the Skull side with decomposing Halal meat, contaminated blood dressing and varicose veins. Hand-stamped and numbered innersleeve, Safety pinned 5-panel silkscreened cover designed and masticated in South Tyrol by crippaXXXalmqvist (with li'l help of Anna Lilia Konishchev), printed at La Commissure in Paris. Mastering by Rashad Becker at Dubplates, Berlin."
Track List:
Bomb! side
1. Government Alpha - Plosive Sanctuary (mp3 excerpt)
Skull! side
2. Evil Moisture - Untitled (mp3 excerpt)
Government Alpha
Evil Moisture
La Commissure