Tuesday, 3 May 2016


And while I'm on it, I can post up another drawing from my youth. This time around it's a black'n'white comic that again I've drawn as an 11 year young kid in 1979, and now have coloured with cheapo aquarell pencils this past winter. And for you non-swedes out there, comes here a translation of the swedish blahblah into both english language, und auch ins deutsche Sprache:
Panel 1. Knäppo and the 5-öre coins by Krister Almqvist.
Panel 2. - I think I buy this. (comic book Knasen = Beetle Bailey by Mort Walker)
Panel 3. - That'll be 4,75 kronor/crowns, thank you. (poster = Buy more)
Panel 4. - Just what I have in 5-öre coins. I collect 5-öre coins, you see.
- Gasp! Luckily he did not buy something more expensive.
Panel 5. 2 days later...
- I buy it! (sign = Bargain price 650 kronor/crowns)
Panel 6. - What got into him? (bucket = 5-öre coins)
- Urrk
Panel 7. - Weird dude to faint like that.
Panel 8. - Hupp!
Panel 9. Ta-Tüü-Ta-Taaa...
Panel 10. - Imagine if I could be as fun crazy as Beetle Bailey.

Panel 1. Knäppo und die 5-öre Münz'n von Krister Almqvist
Panel 2. - Ick gloob dit koof ick. (Comic Heft Knasen = Beetle Bailey von Mort Walker)
Panel 3. - Dit kostet 4,75. Danke och. (Plakat = Koof mehr)
Panel 4. - Dit is jenau dit, wat ick in 5-öre Münz'n hab. Die sammel ick, weeste?
- Schluck! Na wat für'n Glück das'er nichts wat teureres koofn will.
Panel 5. 2 Tage und 2 Nächte später...
- Dit koof ick! (Schild = Schnäppchen 650 Kronen )
Panel 6.- Wat'n mit dem los?
Panel 7. - Komischer Typ... gleich so in Ohnmacht zu kipp'n.
Panel 8. - Hupp!
Panel 9. Ta-Tüü-Ta-Taaa...
Panel 10. - Ick wünschte, ick wär och so lustig durchjeknallt wie Beetle Bailey.


I haven't uploaded pics here on my blog for quite some time(but is there anyone out there who actually do check this out once in a while?), so here I go. The above pic is a drawing that I started out as an 11 year old/young kid in 1979, which I've now finished off this last winter. Can be that a black'n'white version of this drawing will be included in the upcoming issue (#5) of the most splendid zine anthology called Schnösel Mösel, which got "noses" as theme.

Saturday, 23 January 2016


A collaborative drawing by me together with Zeke Clough, for the upcoming vinyl and/or T-shirt design to the swedish D-beat band Dissober, from my hometown of Västerås, Sweden.